Doing Culture with Professor Trish Winter

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Delighted to be invited to be part of Trish Winter's inaugural professorial lecture at Sunderland University.  GGDC conducted a " light touch impact survey" to assess levels of awareness and somatic sensation. The findings of this highly rigorous and scientific survey were magically transmuted into data by Dr Matt Jenkins, thereby contributing to evidence based research on the value of doing culture aka dancing with data!!

Whilst oneparticipant commented that it was the best survey they had ever done, Dr. Matt reminded us that this was merely anecdotal and not scientifically based!!

Many congratulations to Professor Trish who has been our long term collaborator, ethnographer and critical friend . She is also a fabulous dancer with an embodied understanding of the cultural value of moving together. Like us she welcomes anecdotes as indicators of cultural value. What people say and feel matters

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