Happening・The Seat Of Reason

A happening with real time sound recording. The dancers were invited to play with the “thinking body” ....with the private and the personal with the inner and outer realms.

Two PhD students continue a conversation about their research, discussing their ideas and concepts with no regard for the space or people around them....

A team of builders watch, smile and join in....they return several times....their watching and attitude changes...

Performed and recorded at Newcastle University, the sound recording picks up responses of members of the university community to this happening in real time.

As one passer-by says, “I like it very much – what is it exactly?”.

The piece was conceived following our very well-received presentation at the Public Wisdom Conference in London 2015.

We continue to explore how to build productive connections between older people and the public realm, through our presence and activation of space. It was with a sense of delight that after exploring and activating this rich and inviting space we discovered its title - Generation! 

Artist Joseph Hillier

I like it very much....What is it exactly?

happeningsEmma George