Tripping with GGDC

" What a brilliantly effective way to make  a point about travelling"

A series of apparently simple but carefully considered and playful  questions caused a bit of a stir in the ranks . Some resorted  to a pronouncement of their  position and role when asked a question they could not immediately answer.

" Where are you?"   gave rise to  " Who are you, what do you mean....that is a very unclear question"  

" Can you define your terms" and " I don't know most of the time"

Oodles of students willingly shared their sense of where they were, who they were and their enthusiasm for their studies and their lives.

Language to do with space , place and ascent transmuted into a range of aspirations, ponderings, hopes  and pragmatic utterances.

" Are you  going to the top?" gave rise to " Absolutely"  " My aim is definitely high" " You have made me curious now" " I didn't know you could" and " I don't know I am just here to teach the students"


A note of "cautious" clarification from GGDC for those who worry about trips and age!!

GGDC worked their meandering magic in a series of "trips" in and around Newcastle University. Please note these were  fully embodied and consensual "trips" and no one should be worried about  the risk of trips and falls!  However members of GGDC are very open to all other kinds of tripping and any  advise on the location of G spots by either the physical or human geographers!