Happening・Take Your Seats On Campus


Using simple everyday actions of sitting and shifting within chairs, arriving and leaving, prompting and responding. This performance explored the body’s relationship to seating and to sitting, inviting the audience to reconsider the everyday art of sitting down....the often unregistered, unacknowledged territory of support beneath you!

It was as interesting to note the positioning and seated options of our "audience" who for us are part of the happening event and with whom we consider we share the dance. 

"Chairs are a significant feature of our somatic experience of the modern world shaping our physicality, our embodied memories, and our interactions with others. Before the chair spread across the world, humanity had the greatest repertory of postures of any species"
Edward Tenner ‘Our Own Devices’

Durational somatic encounters with the art of sitting as part of a sharing research event.

Heartfelt hanks to Liz Pavey for her generosity in creating opportunities to share practice and to expand performance possibilities

happeningsEmma George