Small Revolutions

Small Revolutions was the culmination of a year long process working in collaboration with The Elderflowers, GGDC, Emilyn Claid, Lucy Cash and Luke Pell. The piece was performed at Woodhorn Museum as a companion piece to the film "A Long Side" (Claid and Cash). 

The piece explored processes both before and after a week of intensive filming in and around Pegswood near Morpeth and picks up on some recurring themes.

Small Revolutions explores the idea of turning and on a deeper level plays with the idea of how life itself seems to go in circles. It also acknowledges the fact that we all lose things as well as gain things on our journey and that change is an inevitable part of the gift of life.

More than anything Small Revolutions aims to celebrate the group as they are and how they are as they all take their turn through life. People who know and value community and how this sense of belonging holds them together whatever winds of change may pass through…… 

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